Electric vehicles in Ukraine

Cars on electric motors have long ceased to amaze, but just a couple of years ago selection of an environmentally friendly and safe vehicles was very small. An electric car is a new stage in the development of modern technology. Today, you can easily buy an electric car in Ukraine, not just in Japan and the US, which are the leaders of the automotive industry.

So, what is a “car of the future”? It appears as an ordinary vehicle, but it does not work with the internal combustion engine, it works on electricity. That’s why electric vehicles are quiet, fast and absolutely eco-friendly. Our selection consists of such models:

  • BMW i3;


Just a few years ago you could afford a high-quality electric car only for a huge amount of money. Today, thanks to the company “AutoEnterprise”, many motorists have already decided to buy an electric car in Kharkov and became happy owners of a fashionable vehicle.

If you are still in doubt, as to buy a “car of the future” or not, then read the list, which clearly shows the advantages of driving an electric car:

  1. Silent functioning;
  2. Lack of unpleasant smells;
  3. Reliable operation;
  4. Absence of necessary expensive maintenance.

In addition, an electric car would be a godsend for the countryside. After all, transportation will not depend on gas stations that are far from home – charging can be carried out from the household network. Thus, you would pay only a few hryvnias for 100 kilometers.

Also, the car with the electric motor is characterized by a recuperation system that allows you to not waste energy during braking. So, the electric vehicle consumes energy only during movement.

You could talk a lot about environmental friendliness of an electric car. Modern drivers today are well aware of the threat of environmental pollution. That’s why they prefer electric cars to traditional ones, because former saves clean air, and latter – pollute it.

The cost of electric cars in Ukraine

Wasting money and bewitching bystanders with expensive foreign cars has long ceased to be fashionable. Modern people know the value of money and dispose it properly.

The company “AutoEnterprise” is not involved in the mediation and repurchase of cars, only in direct sales. Thus, the cost of electric vehicles in Ukraine will continue to be minimal, while you can be assured of the quality and reliability of each model.

The cost of an electric car in Ukraine depends on the model you choose. Today, the most popular is considered to be Nissan Leaf, the price of which starts at $9999. Given all the advantages of eco-cars, this is not such a big sum, because the car will quickly pay off due to fuel savings. After acquiring EV, you will no longer have to spend money on gasoline, oil and filters, as well as on expensive maintenance.

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