Charging Stations from AutoEnterprise company

The preferential right to use the chargers of the company AutoEnterprise can not be used for commercial purposes, can not be sold, donated or otherwise transferred to third parties. It applies only to the car and its owner, who provided documents confirming his right to preferential use of charging stations.

The AutoEnterprise company can deny benefits in two cases:

  • authorized transfer of personal preferential right to use charging to any third parties (password transfer, VIN-CODE, etc);
  • assistance to third parties in the unauthorized use of chargers.

Коммерческое предложение

Очень часто к нам обращаются с вопросом о замене зарядных станций других компаний, на наши, более качественные! Специально для таких людей, компания «AutoEnterprise» запустила уникальную программу замены всех станций в Украине на свои! У вас есть станция другой компании и она вас не устраивает? Тогда вы можете бесплатно заменить её на нашу электрозаправку нового поколения!

Very often we are approached with the question of replacing the charging stations of other companies, with our, better ones! Especially for such people, the AutoEnterprise launched a unique program for replacing all stations in Ukraine with its own! Do you have a station of another company and it does not suit you? Then you can replace it for free with our new generation gas station!

Charge easy!

Install in your electric car chip from the “AutoEnterprise” and charge the car with automatic activation of the charger!

After installing the chip in your car, recharging the car will be much easier, you will not make any effort. To make sure of this, read the algorithm for recharging the chip car:

  1. Connect the connector to your eco-car.
  2. The charging station automatically reads information from the chip, the VIN number of your car and the system identifies the car.
  3. Сharging station activated!

Automatic activation of charging will be available only for owners of chiped cars. You can install the chip in any of our service centers!

The company AutoEnterprise takes care of its customers!

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AutoEnterprise Charging Stations

The main task of the AutoEnterprise company is the expansion in Ukraine of a network of charging stations for electric vehicles. And already today, charging stations can be found not only within the city, but also on intercity routes, which allows the owners of electric cars to go on long trips and do not worry that they “stall” in the field.

As already known, our company provides the opportunity to recharge at the stations of the following types:

  • Second-level charger 10-30 kW for j1772 / Mennekes, full charging of the car lasts 2-3 hours;
  • Supercharger 20, 40, 50 kW for Chademo / CCS, where the full charge is carried out for a period of 20 minutes to 2 hours, it all depends on the battery capacity and model of the car.

For customers of the AutoEnterprise the application AE Charging Point was developed, where all existing charging stations in Ukraine are marked. Its advantage lies in the fact that the station, their location can be viewed offline. Also, the location of stations can be viewed on the server, for which it is necessary to pass authorization.

By the end of 2018, Ukraine plans to have more than 2,000 charging stations from AutoEnterprise. Also the company continuously improves the service, all the time there are updates, new projects, which makes electric cars more convenient to use on Ukrainian roads.