Sale! Only at our dealership – best prices for cars from the USA, hurry up, you have time only until October!
In December 2018 preferential rates of excise duty for customs clearance of second-hand vehicles is ending with the Law № 3251 “On Amendments to subsection 5 of section XX” Transitional Provisions “of the Tax Code of Ukraine, regarding the stimulation of development of the market of used vehicles.” If the parliament does not extend the law, then, starting in 2019, Ukrainians will not be able to buy a high-quality inexpensive car abroad – customs clearance will cost much more.


Three facts are In favor of buying a used car at American auctions, specifically:

  1. Best price. Prices for new and used cars in the US are 20% -40% lower than in Ukraine, Europe, and Asia.
  2. Best assembling. Cars from the US differ from European and Asian counterparts with high build quality and reliability. This is due to the fact that Americans are more demanding on the quality of cars and very scrupulous about issues related to their safety. Due to the global crisis, which greatly affected the US automotive industry, automakers significantly expanded the standard equipment of cars to attract buyers.

De facto new cars. Americans are used to changing cars every 3-5 years, although American cars can work for decades. In the US, the market for used cars is constantly supplemented with interesting offers. Due to the high-quality road surface in the US, American used cars not really differ from new ones in their technical condition, but their prices are much lower.

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Why should you order a car from the USA?

For today, it’s pretty easy to order a car from the USA in Ukraine.

We provide a full spectrum of services, namely:

  1. Search for a car. At first, you specify all of the criteria to be met by a car and auctions, on which we will search and acquire it. Our specialist will check the quality of a car and if it matches the pictures of it.
  2. To take part in an auction a $500 deposit is made.
  3. Bringing a car into an American port takes from 3 to 14 days.
  4. Next is the preparation for customs clearance and vehicle certification. These procedures take about a week.
  5. The delivery time for cars to Ukraine varies within the limits of 40-45 days.

You can choose and purchase a car from the USA at one of the following auctions: Copart, Ebay, Manheim, Auctions, and others.