Станции технического обслуживания AutoEnterprise

«Autoenterprise» is not just engages in supply and distribution of EV’s in Ukraine, but also provides full tech support on special service stations to their owners.

Only experienced employees with a wide range of knowledge and familiarity to all the features of electric vehicles work at our service station , therefore the solution of any possible problem occurs in the shortest possible time.

We are also servicing cars with ICE at our company’s stations.


Our company guarantees high quality of the services provided at the “AutoEnterprise” maintenance stations.

The employees of the service station have a pre-planned action plan that speeds up the process of finding out and fixing a malfunction in the car. Over the day, more than 20 fuel and electric cars are serviced.

Below, you can familiarise yourself with services provided at our maintenance stations:


  • Regular maintenance;
  • nstalling firmware to EVs;
  • Electric equipment repair;
  • Car wash and dry cleaning;
  • Chipping for a use of the charging stations;
  • Bringing the car into the “ready for sale” state.


  • Diagnostics and repair of power batteries;
  • Diagnostics and repair of power units;
  • Diagnostics and repair of chassis (suspension, drive units, steering).


  • Disabling the Valet mode
  • Updating firmware in the car
  • GPS navigation setting
  • Flashing of any parts
  • Flashing any keys (Full-value key, not just clone)
  • Full computer diagnostics with a ToolBox service software
  • Turning on Diagnostics mode/Factory mode
  • Solving problems after previous repairs
  • Capacity increase (S 40 – 60 / 114 km| S 60 – 75 / 62 km| S 70 – 75 / 30 km | Х 60 – 75 / 59 km)
  • Autopilot activation
  • Ludicrous mode activation
  • Supercharger and CHAdeMO fast chargers activation (is especially relevant for cars imported from the USA, that charge from one phase)
  • Premium Audio activation
  • Replacement of contactors
  • Changing the car on display: color, disks
  • Reset/changing airbag module after car accident (PSRCM Airbag module reset crash errors)
  • Bleeding the air in the cooling system (pumping antifreeze)
  • Detection of faulty parktronics
  • System calibration (air suspension, steering wheel, radar, etc.)

Contact us

Phone number

+380 (97) 535 77 77


Kharkiv, Academica Pavlova, 271/A

Odessa, Generala Tsvetaeva st 3/5

Kyiv. “Atmosphere” shopping mall Stolichnoye shosse, 103

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