Looking for a reliable American car?

For quite a while, AutoEnterprise supplies passenger cars, motorcycles, boats and a lot of other vehicles from America to Ukraine. We will help you to select the car of your dreams, based on your budget and wishes, and will do everything we can to ensure timely delivery! Thanks to the direct contracts with American carriers and sea shipping lines we can quickly fulfill our obligations to customers.

Advantages of cars from USA:

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It is more expedient to buy a car from America than to buy it in Ukraine. Why? Americans are used to change their cars every 3 to 5 years. And as a result, the US car market is constantly full of lucrative deals.

Best price

The US has the best price on used cars. American car will turn out to be from 20 to 40% cheaper, than cars in Ukraine, Europe or Asia.

High-quality cars

American cars are more reliable than European and Asian counterparts because Americans are more demanding to the car quality and are very careful about safety issues.

Huge selection

From modern brands to the legendary American models — US car market can please you with the wide range of various used cars with internal combustion engines and electric vehicles.

Reliable history

A number in the database of the US State Department of Vehicles is assigned to every American car and can you can request any information about it. For example, you can find out whether a car has been involved in an accident, the number of its owners, the date of the last technical inspection and other data.









* - for electric vehicles, the cost of certification of the car and the introduction of the chip are indicated. More detailed information can be obtained by going to the main calculator.

Turnkey auto from the USA

AutoEnterprise will deliver any vehicle to Ukraine


Select a car. You select the model, color and the equipment for the vehicle. If you select a car at a US auction, you must make a deposit to participate. We can deliver any vehicle from the United States to you: car, motorcycle or boat.

Buy a car. AutoEnterprise staff can help you to participate in the auction online and acquire a car from America.

Deliver a car. Shipping to the American port takes from three to fourteen days. Then the car comes to the port of Odessa. This is followed by the design of registration of the car, customs clearance and certification. Delivery of the car (from the moment of the purchase at auction until the moment of transfer to the client) takes about three months.

Copart – auctions vehicles without restoration, for example, cars that’s been in an accident.
IAAI – auctions repaired vehicles.
Manheim – closed auction designed for leasing, available for trade only to accredited dealerships.

Frequently asked questions

Why is it so expedient to acquire a car after it’s been in an accident?

US cars that were engaged in the accident receive a Salvage Certificate and usually are sold from the insurance auction, therefore become less interesting for US citizens. And, often, they go to Ukraine at a cost of 30% of the price of car’s price from the Manheim auction!

What is the average cost of repairing a car that’s been in an accident?

Depending on the impact and class of the car, the repairs may cost from $500 and up.

Do you give any guarantees that the car can be repaired, and all the consequences of an accident will be eliminated?

When we select the cars at auction, our company carries out all the necessary checks on the history of car’s ownership and accident it’s been into. For you, our experts will select a car with minimal damages and only those cars that actually could be restored, and calculate the cost of maintenance beforehand!

How does the auction actually work?

Every day our managers send you possible options for the cars on sale. And after:

  • You select the one that interests you the most
  • We are agreeing on the bet
  • Enter the auction
  • When we win, we get an invoice (cost of car + auction commission) and calculate the logistics costs for the delivery to Ukraine. The auction is open 5 days a week from Monday to Friday.
What are the phases and methods of payment?

There are a couple of payment methods:

  1. 100% payment for the car. After winning a car at an auction, we calculate the cost for the turnkey delivery to Ukraine, we После выигрыша на аукционе просчитывается сумма доставки под ключ в Украину, we issue an invoice and you pay by bank transfer in any branch of any bank. The amount is fixed and unchanged, even if some factor has changed at the time of transportation.
  2. Phased payment. First, you pay the invoice cost of the car and for the money transfer to the US, and upon arrival of the car to Ukraine, pay the remaining amount.

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